High end hatchery in Warder, Noord-Holland

Beunder hatchery is a true family business and was established in 1927 in the poultry sector. Since 1963 the business was dedicated to the hatching of eggs to become a breeding business. Since then a lot has been invested in the breeding location and the development of a high-end hatchery with advanced machines/equipment from HatchTech.

In the meantime, the hatchery has been passed down to the fourth generation of Beunder family. Brothers Marcel and Frank Beunder ensure that 180,000 eggs per week can be hatched, beaked, and transferred to perfection - in a skilled and efficient way to the client for breeding purposes.

Beunder hatchery was established in Warder (North Holland) and is located in a commercial poultry-free area. The delivery of chicks is therefore guaranteed even during the avian influenza outbreak, and continuity in the incubation process can be guaranteed. After the incubation process, the chicks are transported swiftly to poultry breeders in the Netherlands, as well as Europe, and even globally, due to its close proximity to Schiphol Airport.

About Beunder Hatchery

  • High-end hatchery with the most innovative incubators from HatchTech
  • Perfect conditions for the hatching of eggs
  • Optimal chick quality
  • 24/7 and 365 days per year the hatchery remains in operation
  • Established in a commercial poultry-free area
  • Guaranteed continuity
  • Close to Schiphol Airport for efficient export
  • Animal welfare and bio-friendly processes are adhered to strictly
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Our services

Beunder hatchery specialises in the hatching of eggs of chickens and ducks. The advanced incubators from HatchTech ensure that the process is imitated as closely to the natural hatching process as possible and that temperature changes are limited. In this way, the perfect conditions are created to produce high-quality chicks.

" High-end hatchery with the most innovative incubators from HatchTech "


About Hatchery Beunder

On the opposite side of where the business is currently established in Warder, great-grandfather Beunder started his chicken breeding business in 1927, in Northern Holland. In the beginning, he was allowed by regulations to brood eggs only during May, June, and July, and that produced approximately 5,000 chicks per year. In other months he sold eggs.


Because of strict rules regarding safety and hygiene, the Beunder Hatchery can only be visited by appointment. This modern and innovative hatchery is established in:

Warder 67
1473 PD Warder

T 0299 - 401 498
M 06 - 274 92 664
E info@broederijbeunder.nl