Hatchery Beunder

On the opposite side of where the business is currently established in Warder, great-grandfather Beunder started his chicken breeding business in 1927, in Northern Holland. In the beginning, he was allowed by regulations to brood eggs only during May, June, and July, and that produced approximately 5,000 chicks per year. In other months he sold eggs.

New hatchery

After the early death of great-grandfather Beunder, the second generation took up the business at the age of 18 years. He bought a house on the site where the hatchery is now established and he continued with the hatchery from there. He built new chicken sheds and in 1963 he also built a new business on the same site. He hatched 500,000 chicks in that year which he raised to 18 weeks and afterward he sold them as laying hens. During the 50s there were four hatcheries in Warder, but currently, there are only about 20, spread across the Netherlands. Because of the drop in demand in the region, only the Beunder hatchery remained in operation.

Commercial poultry-free area

Today this was a blessing because now the hatchery is established in a commercial poultry-free region. Despite limiting measures from other businesses in the sector, the hatchery remained in Warder where it was always possible for it to move freely and to supply the market with quality chicks. The location of the hatchery is at a safe distance from other commercial poultry businesses, and thereby became a unique point of sale for the Beunder family, who hatches 180,000 eggs per week.

The Beunder hatchery has been in operation for almost a century

The third generation took over the business in 1985 and went into a production agreement/contract with one of the biggest broilers globally in 2009. Because of the increased demand, Marcel Beunder joined the business with his father in 2010 and became co-owner of the business. His brother Frank joined the business shortly thereafter and since then the brothers Marcel and Frank have been running the business along with their father and Marcel’s wife Madelin as well as associate Richard. Through the generations, the business has become an establishment for almost a century.

broederij beunder terrein

" Een echt familiebedrijf waar kwaliteit hoog in het vaandel staat. "

team broederij beunder

Impression of the hatchery