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Beunder hatchery specialises in the hatching of eggs of chickens and ducks. The advanced incubators from HatchTech ensure that the process is imitated as closely to the natural hatching process as possible and that temperature changes are limited. In this way, the perfect conditions are created to produce high-quality chicks.

The eggs are kept at the most optimal temperature in order to stimulate the vitality of the embryo’s and thereby the quality of the chicks that are hatched is optimised. The eggs are kept in the incubators for 18 days, where they are also automatically turned. The incubators are equipped with the latest technology for constant monitoring. From day 18, the eggs in the hatch trays are placed in the hatchers. At approximately day 21 the eggs are removed. After this, they are divided by sex and selected for robust quality, vaccinated against Marek’s disease, and beaked.

After the incubation process, the chicks are kept in the most balanced conditions in terms of temperature, light, and air, before being transported. In this way, the chicks are delivered to the breeding facility/farm in perfect condition. In this way, the Beunder hatchery produces 50,000 chicks for brooding.

" With this method Hatchery Beunder can hatch 180,000 eggs per week. "

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Perfect conditions for the hatching of eggs

Established in a commercial poultry-free area

Animal welfare and bio-friendly processes are adhered to strictly